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  71. Open acknowledgement of the existence of women's oppression was too radical for the United Stated in the fifties, and Beauvoir's conclusion, that change in women's economic condition , though insufficient by itself , "remains the basic factor " in improving women's situation , was particularly unacceptable . 公開對婦女壓迫的存在的承認對于50年代的美國而言有些過分激進,而且B的結論,即婦女經濟狀況的變化,經管它本身不是一個充分的因素,但是"仍然是提高婦女地位的根本因素"的觀點,尤其無法令人接受。

  72. Other theorists propose that the Moon was ripped out of the Earth's rocky mantle by the Earth's collision with another large celestial body after much of the Earth's iron fell to its core. 其他的理論家提出,在地球的大部分鐵沉入到地核之后,由于地球與另一個龐大的天體發生碰撞,月亮便從地球那石質的地幔中撕裂開來而形成的。 Rip:撕開;撥去;在本文是撕開的意思。

  73. However, recent scholarship has strongly suggested that those aspects of early New England culture that seem to have been most distinctly Puritan, such as the strong religious orientation and the communal impulse, were not even typical of New England as a whole, but were largely confined to the two colonies of Massachusetts and Connecticut. 然而,進來的學術研究強烈的顯示那些看來最為明確的請教徒的早期新英格蘭文化的一些方面,比如強烈的宗教導向和團體意識,就整體而言卻不是新英格蘭的典型特征,而是在很大程度上只局限與馬薩諸賽和康涅狄格兩個州。

  74. Thus,what in contrast to the Puritan colonies appears to Davis to be peculiarly Southern- acquisitiveness,a strong interest in politics and the law,and a tendency to cultivate metropolitan cultural models-was not only more typically English than the cultural patterns exhibited by Puritan Massachusetts and Connecticut,but also almost certainly characteristic of most other early modern British colonies from Barbados north to Rhode Island and New Hampshire. 因此,那些與(北方)清教殖民地形成鮮明對比、并在戴維斯教授的心目中顯得具有特殊南方色彩的特征--占有欲、對政治和法律的濃厚興趣、以及培養大都市文化模式的傾向--不僅僅要比清教的馬薩諸塞州和康乃涅克州所展現出來的文化模式更具有典型的英國色彩,并且幾乎毫無疑問地構成了絕大多數其它早期近代英國殖民地的特征,從巴巴多斯北至羅得島和新罕布什爾州。

  75. Portrayals of the folk of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, whom he remembers from early childhood, of the jazz musicians and tenement roofs of his Harlem days, of Pittsburgh steelworkers, and his reconstruction of classical Greek myths in the guise of the ancient Black kingdom of Benin, attest to this. 一些描述,關于他從小就記得的北卡羅來納州的M縣的人民、關于他在H的日子里的爵士樂手和公寓的房頂、關于匹茲堡的鋼鐵工人的描述和他的假借古代B國對古希臘神話得寵俗,都表現了這一點。In the guise of :"假借、在...的幌子下,假裝"。

  76. A very specialized feeding adaptation in zooplankton is that of the tadpolelike appendicularian who lives in a walnut-sized (or smaller) balloon of mucus equipped with filters that capture and concentrate phytoplankton. 浮游動物體內一種極特殊的進食適應性變化是蝌蚪狀的尾海鞘綱動物(appendicularian)的那種適應性變化,而尾海鞘綱動物則存活于核桃大小(或更小)的黏液球囊內,裝備有過濾器,用以捕捉和集中浮游植物。

  77. These historians,however,have analyzed less fully the development of specifically feminist ideas and activities during the same period. 但是,這些史學家還不曾充分地分析同一時期中那些具體的女權主義思想和活動的發展。

  78. Apparently most massive stars manage to lose sufficient material that their masses drop below the critical value of 1.4 M before they exhaust their nuclear fuel. 顯然,大多數的巨星能夠失去足夠多的物質以至于在燃盡其核燃料以前他們的質量下降到關鍵值1.4M以下。難在:sufficient ...that... = so much (many ) ... that...

  79. This is so even though armed forces operate in an ethos of institutional change oriented toward occupational equality and under the federal sanction of equal pay for equal work. 即使是武裝部隊是在一種趨向職業平等的制度變遷的風氣中運作的時候,而且即使部隊是在聯邦政府的同工同酬的約束下運行的時候,情況仍然是這樣。

  80. An impact (on the Mars) capable of ejecting a fragment of the Martian surface into an Earth-intersecting orbit is even less probable than such an event on the Moon, in view of the Moon's smaller size and closer proximity to Earth. 一個能夠把活性表面的碎片射入地球交叉軌道的碰撞發生的可能性甚至小于這種事件在月亮上發生的可能性,考慮到月亮更小的尺寸及其與地球接近的程度。






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